Coming from the Visual Basic world, I used to find many examples throughout the web written in VB and VB.NET. Then I got hired by Traceworks which was a VB.NET company, but they decided to move to C# because they couldn’t find employees that wanted to code VB.NET. So, I made the switch and haven’t looked back since. I haven’t written one line of VB.NET code for 2½ years.

In the beginning when I searched Google for some CLR specific stuff, it was very often that the code examples were in VB.NET. I had no problem translating them to C# so I didn’t care. As the time passed, more and more I saw that C# code was taking over the VB.NET examples throughout the web. Today, they do almost not exist unless you deliberately go to specific VB.NET sites like VB.NET Heaven.

Also, when you look at the job sections they are all about C#. It seems that VB has been replaced in the enterprises since companies are only looking for C# developers. There could be some differences from country to country – I haven’t checked them all…

If we are to believe that VB.NET is leaving the enterprises, where does it exist then? I keep seeing Channel 9 shows about the next releases of VB.NET and read some Microsoft blogs about it, but there really is no big hype in the blogosphere. No one writes about it on the web except for the Microsoft folk.

Do you know what became of VB.NET?


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