During this weekend I finally had some time to start working on the next version of BlogEngine.NET after a long break over Christmas and new years. In particular the widget framework, which is something I've really looked forward to building. This is something Al Nyveldt and I had discussed for the last 6 months or so and quietly conceptualized during that period. I finally took the plunge and started writing the proof-of-concept code for this widget framework.

Some of you who have followed the roadmap might have wondered what a widget framework is; at least no one has commented on it yet. To make this as simple as possible, I've recorded a video of this new code.

Watch widget framework video

The purpose of getting this video out, is that I would really like some feedback as early in the development process as possible. So, if you have anything to add after watching the video, please do so. You can get the next version of BlogEngine.NET in any super market later this spring.


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