Last year I was asked to do a tech talk at Microsoft headquarters in Copenhagen about open source and BlogEngine.NET. I said yes of course. The date has been set to this wednesday. It’s a two hour event and it’s free for anyone to participate in so sign up here.

I’m going through the history of BlogEngine.NET and look at some of the decisions made in the past – both in terms of architecture and organization. After that we’ll be looking at some code and see how open source have influenced the code base and driven some of the decisions. Lastly we are looking at the overall architecture and discuss the pros and cons.

I think it’s going to be really interesting with some great discussions along the way. The lack of unit tests will definitely start a discussion as well as the decision not to use third-party assemblies. Did I mention that we don’t use CAPTCHA for comment spam protection and that we cache external JavaScript files? Hmmmmm…

The more I think about it, BlogEngine.NET seems really strange. So if you want to know why directly from the horse’s mouth, then come to the tech talk wednesday the 5th of March at 9:00 am. Breakfast is included.


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