I’ve been a little quiet on my blog lately. That is due to my grand plan for 2009 which was born as my New Year’s resolution. The original plan went like this:

In average, I need to visit a new country I have never visited before, every month of 2009.

That means 12 trips to a new destination for the entire year. I soon realized this was too ambitious, expensive and time consuming. I needed to adjust the plan to something more realistic and this is what I came up with:

In average, I need to visit a new country that I may have visited before, every month of 2009.

So, still 12 different destinations but it is now ok for me to visit countries I’ve seen before. So far it is going quite well. Here is my itinerary for 2009 as it looks right now.

  • January: Germany
  • February: England and Moldova*
  • March: USA
  • April: Spain, Gibraltar* and Portugal*
  • May: Scotland*
  • June: Holland*
  • July: Greece* and Albania*
  • September: Turkey*
  • December: Egypt*

* = have never visited before

These trips have been a mix of business and pleasure. Whenever I go on business trips, I always try to find time to explore the place I visit. Lately I’ve fallen for the idea of visiting the countries along the old silky way including Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Georgia, Armenia and a few more. I hope to find the time to spend some time there in the fall. Also, I’ve never been in Asia or Oceania so that’s also very high on my wish list.

Often times when travelling, I don't have access to a PC so I don't read or write many blog posts. Instead I tweet from my mobile phone just to keep a little up to date with the news in tech world.


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