The last couple of days I’ve been working on improving the in-site search on this website. The old search was quite good, but it returned a list of full posts as a search result. It was difficult to get a good and quick overview of the results that way. When you included comments in the search it didn’t display the comments so you didn’t know whether or not the result was from a post or a comment. Last but not least, it didn’t search in pages. It wasn’t that big an issue for me because I only have one page, but in the future I plan to add more.

Enter the new search

I tried to keep as close to the major search engines' way of displaying results, but added some information relevant for blogs such as tags and categories. Try a search for code or Mads.

As you’ll see from the search results it displays posts, pages and comments in the same result page. It also tells you the type of each result so you can decide whether or not it is relevant to you.

Comment search

It has been possible to include comments in search results ever since BlogEngine.NET 1.0, but with this new search it gets more transparent. You can for instance search for your own name to see all the comments you’ve written yourself. That way I can see that Phil Haack has commented 6 times on my blog and Scott Hanselman has written one comment.

This new search feature will of course be included in the upcoming version of BlogEngine.NET due in a few weeks.


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