I’ve always been a big fan of FxCop even though I’ve had my share of problems with some of the rules. The new beta version fixes all that. It works much better with ASP.NET which the previous versions didn’t do very well at all.

There are also some new rules to help you write better software. Especially two rules are popping up everywhere and those are the Specify StringComparison and Normalize strings to uppercase rules.

The Specify StringComparison rule helps you to do string searching in a better way by always specifying a StringComparison enum when you do string manipulation such as IndexOf and LastIndexOf etc.

The Normalize strings to uppercase rule makes sure you use ToUpper or ToUpperInvariant when you normalize strings. It is more efficient to upper case a string than to lower case it.

The design looks very much the same as the 1.35 version with some minor tweaks here and there. It also supports .NET 3.5. Overall, it’s a really good application and a much needed upgrade. You can download it here.


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