UPDATE: If you need other events than the ones on the list, please tell me so they can be added. 

Because the next version of BlogEngine.NET has a build-in extension framework, we have exposed a lot of new events for extension builders. The more events that are exposed, the more power can an extension have.

You can write extensions that alter the rendered output of a post, block the download of a file or image, log all sorts of actions and a whole lot more. Here is a complete list of the events an extension can subscribe to:

  • Post.AddingComment
  • Post.CommentAdded
  • Post.RemovingComment
  • Post.CommentRemoved
  • Post.Rated
  • Post.Saving
  • Post.Saved
  • Post.Serving
  • Post.MarkedDirty
  • Page.Saving
  • Page.Saved
  • Page.Serving
  • Page.MarkedDirty
  • Comment.Approving
  • Comment.Approved
  • Comment.Serving
  • Category.Saving
  • Category.Saved 
  • Category.MarkedDirty
  • Search.Searching
  • Search.IndexBuilding
  • Search.IndexBuild
  • BlogSettings.Changed
  • ReferrerModule.ReferrerRegistered
  • Utils.EmailSent
  • FileHandler.Serving
  • FileHandler.Served
  • FileHandler.BadRequest
  • ImageHandler.Serving
  • ImageHandler.Served
  • ImageHandler.BadRequest
  • Pingback.Sending
  • Pingback.Sent
  • PingbackHandler.Received
  • PingbackHandler.Rejected
  • PingbackHandler.Accepted
  • PingbackHandler.Spammed
  • Trackback.Sending
  • Trackback.Send
  • TrackbackHandler.Received
  • TrackbackHandler.Rejected
  • TrackbackHandler.Accepted
  • TrackbackHandler.Spammed

43 events in total and then comes all the regular ASP.NET events like BeginRequest and ApplicationError etc. I hope this will get a lot of developers writing cool extensions and share them with the community. See how to write extensions for BlogEngine.NET - it's easier than you might expect.


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