Al Nyveldt did it again. I’m always amazed whenever he does a screencast. He’s just so relaxed and natural when he explains tech stuff and he does it with such a confidence. I wish I had that talent.

He just made two new screencast about setting up BlogEngine.NET 1.2 for the first time. The first one is about installing it using the default XML data provider and the second is a more detailed installation guide for setting up SQL Server as a provider. They are very short and to the point. I like that. It’s always a joy to listen to people like him. Go check it out.

The first video also explains how to adjust the robots.txt file so search engines can index all your pages and posts with ease. Since Microsoft Live Search, Yahoo and Ask started supporting Google’s sitemap format, it has become somewhat painless to let those search engines index your entire website. That’s why it is important to know about the XML sitemap feature of BlogEngine.NET. The versions earlier than 1.2 also has this feature by the way.

BlogEngine.NET 1.2 only support XML and SQL Sever 2000/2005/2008 but the next version will support all standard T-SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc. out of the box.


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