I’ve owned this website for quite some years now – even before I started using it for blogging. Before that I mainly used it as a sandbox or playground if you’d like. It ran on Windows Server 2000 in a shared hosting environment and has been really stabile for all those years.

Then about a week ago I got a phone call from my hosting provider Next Level Internet asking me if they could move my plan to a Windows Server 2003 machine instead. It didn’t really mean a lot to me at the time, because of the stability on Windows Server 2000 and because I didn’t use any features that demanded the use of Windows Server 2003. But of course I said yes.

Now, a week later it has become clear just how much faster Windows Server 2003 is compared to its predecessor. It is super fast, has much fewer application restarts and is more efficient in handling memory. Sweet!

Writing this post I realize that I’m excited about a 5 year old piece of software and wonder if I should stop right now so I won’t make a fool of myself. Nah, it’s probably too late for that anyway. I’m looking forward to trying Windows Server 2008 in about five years time. That’s gonna fly.


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