I know, it sounds silly but hear me out. In March 2006 I wrote a post about the use of Word as a text editor for writing blog posts, because it would be the natural place to do so. At that time Office 2007 was in beta 1 if I remember correctly and Word did not have the functionality to do blog posts at that point. I wrote a mail to Microsoft suggesting that it would be a cool feature to include in Word 2007. They never wrote back.

A couple of months later, Office 2007 beta 2 was released and now Word had the functionality to write blog posts just as I suggested in the email. In the beta 2 it didn’t really work very well, so you could see that it was a last minute feature they had added. If they got the idea from me, then it makes sense that the feature in beta 2 was so bad, because Microsoft didn’t have much time to code it.

So did they steal my idea? Probably not, but the chain of events is a little peculiar I think.


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