Tonight is the first night without my TV. Yep, it’s gone. I gave my Philips 32” widescreen away for free yesterday and tonight reality kicks in. I start to wonder if it is possible to live without a TV while sitting here on my couch writing this. It’s sooooo quite.

Information overload

Everyday I read 10 RSS feeds, read 2 online newspapers, follow tech stuff on 5 websites and watch the news on TV in the morning and at night. That covers the basic information, but then there are all the work related websites I find on Google each and every day. They vary from 3 to 50 depending on what problem I’m trying to solve.

E-mail from various people – work related, BlogEngine.NET related or from friends and family. Then add the text messages and phone calls combined with Skype and instant messaging.

I’m getting stress just thinking about all that information I need to process every day.

Out with the TV

The TV was the least important information channel, so I just thought it was the easiest to get rid of. I can’t get rid of my phone, e-mail or instant messaging because I use those at work. The RSS takes no time and I need to follow the tech stuff to keep up with the business.

After taking the decision I borrowed and bought some books just to make sure I wouldn’t get too bored.

New toys

We geeks need our gadgets and without the TV, something needs to take its place. Otherwise I’m down a gadget and that’s just wrong. I’ve set my mind on a Windows Home Server for my home network, but I’m not sure it has been released yet. It probably will very soon. Also, I would need a digital wi-fi radio to play my MP3’s. That should be enough to keep my gadget-meter point the right direction – up, up, up!

It’s still strangely quite here on the couch or should I say nice and peaceful…


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