After showing some pictures of our smart home dashboard, questions started coming in about the cables going in behind the books. Where is the modem and what else is going on? Spoiler alert, the books are fake.

Here you see a couple of cables going in behind the books on the top shelve.

fake books 1

Removing the books reveal a tangled mess of cords, power bricks, a modem, and a home automation hub.

fake books 2

The fake books are hollow and can hold quite the amount of stuff, as you can see below. Looking at the books from above shows just how simple they’re built.

fake books 3

This is easy to make yourself if you can find some decorative books you like. You can also buy it (Covobox on Amazon) and customize the size (width) and the colors of the books. For reference, we got the 14 inch one and that is probably the smallest I would recommend.

We’ve had this for a couple of years, and it holds up great.


Josh Lyon

That's brilliant! I love the idea of using 'fake' books for hiding things! I've got some electronics in the office that I should hide with something like this.

Josh Lyon

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