Update: See this new blog post for how to apply the Intellisense to both Visual Studio 2013 and 2015

The latest release of Web Essentials 2015 provides Intellisense for GruntFile.js and GulpFile.js. For Gulp it just works out of the box, but for Grunt we have to add a little JSDoc comment to our file for Intellisense to light up.

For Grunt, just add this JSDoc comment on top of the module.export line:

* @param {Grunt} grunt
module.exports = function(grunt) {…

The JSDoc comment instructs the JavaScript Intellisense engine that the grunt parameter is of type Grunt which is specified by Web Essentials.

JSDoc comments are now natively supported in Visual Studio 2015

Here’s a video showing the feature for both Gulp and Grunt.

I hope to be able to remove the requirement on the JSDoc comments, so that Intellisense will just work without you having to do anything.


Mike C.

The combination of Web Essentials, Visual Studio, and Chrome for development of javascript-heavy apps is awesome and getting better. However, when debugging webAPI calls while debugging with Web Essentials the conversation between Visual Studio and the browser is so verbose that I lose track of where my webAPI calls happened. Would the team please devise a way of filtering out all of the Web Essentials SignalR communication so my network view when filtered to XHR isn't a complete mess? Thanks!

Mike C.

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