A few hours ago, IE 8 beta 1 was released for download. The first impression is really good although it renders a bit differently which probably is a good thing due to standard compliance. One of the new features is called Activities and is a way for web developers to create content that lives outside their own website.



I’ve just written an Activity that let IE 8 users right click on any web page and select Blog with BlogEngine.NET. IE 8 then takes you to the Add entry page of your blog and inserts the title and link from the page into the editor. This is done only by using XML and JavaScript. You can see the XML file here.

You too can add a Blog with BlogEngine.NET to your IE 8 by using this little form. Just type in your website URL and push the button. Remember that you need to have IE 8 beta 1 installed for it to work.

You’ll find more information about writing Activities in this PDF document. Other information about IE 8 can be found at the IE 8 welcome page.


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