UPDATE: We have to move the geek dinner to November 14th instead. There is TechEd in Barcelona the week around the 7th. 

About a month ago I attended a geek dinner in Odense that Daniel arranged and it was a great experience. Met a lot of interesting people and just had a great time. For some reason, there are no geek dinner arrangements in Copenhagen. After attending the geek dinner in Odense I realized what a shame that is. It was that good. It’s far to travel to Odense on a work night, so I definitely think a Copenhagen geek dinner is needed.

Basically what I’m saying is that I want to start a geek dinner tradition in Copenhagen and if you’re interested in participating then send me a mail or write a comment. I propose Wednesday November 7th at about 6 o’clock for the first arrangement. The plan is to meet at a restaurant to have some dinner and drinks and talk about geek stuff. No speakers or dress code, just kicking back and having fun.

If enough people show their interest, I'll find a restaurant and arrange the reservations. Stay tuned. 


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