We’ve had a tradition of doing geek dinners in Copenhagen for the past 2 years. It’s always very good fun and there’s a bunch of interesting .NET guys to chat with. However, it has always been very intimate and most of the people going have been there before.

We need new blood and that’s why it’s time to take the geek dinner concept to the next level and the name is .NETworking dinner. The basic concept remains the same but in a much larger scale. It’s still an informal dinner arrangement with free beer, but this time I’m aiming for at least 50 people. This is important from a networking perspective.

The point is to meet a lot of new people in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about coding, business or just plain fun. Hopefully, that will help strengthen the Copenhagen .NET community and open up new opportunities.

Since numbers are important, please tell your colleagues and friends about this event and sign up to the event on Facebook. It’s Tuesday, April 21st after normal work hours and it's free.

It’s that time of year again where you just want a fun evening in the company of your friends and some nice food. Unfortunately, your friends are busy so all you have left is your fellow .NET developer geeks and a brewery.

That’s right folks; it’s time for the first Copenhagen geek dinner Christmas edition. It’s Thursday, December 18th at 7pm at Brewpub in the center of the city. As usual, ZYB will pay for all the beer and as a special Christmas present, Microsoft will sponsor the food. You might have to pay a small amount depending on how many we are going to be, but it will not ruin your budget.

There is only room for 20 people, so sign up right now.