A few weeks back, Google released their Social Graph API – a JSON service that gives you access to Google’s information about your online presence. A C# wrapper is available for download at the bottom. 

How it works

This video explains it better then I can:

Try it yourself

For some strange reason, Google has only made the API available in JSON and that sucks if you want to use it from anything else than JavaScript. Since I wanted to use it from C# I built a small wrapper class that exposes all the features from the very simple API. You can try it yourself from the demo social graph page I wrote using the wrapper class. Just enter your blog URL in the input box.


The wrapper is just a single small class that you can dump into your App_Code folder and you are ready to go. The demo web page is also included in the download so you can see how to use it. It’s just a single .aspx page.

socialgraph.zip (3.80 kb)


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