Some exiting things have been going on with BlogEngine.NET lately.


13 new and very slick looking themes have been cleaned up, bundled and released on CodePlex. Since we decided not to include more than a couple of themes with BlogEngine.NET 1.4 we knew a theme-pack was necessary. Thanks to Janko for gathering the themes and cleaning them up. Download the theme-pack.

.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008

The current version 1.4.5 is the last official version on .NET 2.0 and in Visual Studio 2005. Right now the team is already working in Visual Studio 2008 and will upgrade to .NET 3.5 during Christmas. A lot of people asked for this, so now we are giving it to you.

Windows Live Writer 2009

Al Nyveldt has been in contact with the Windows Live Writer team to ensure that the BlogEngine.NET will support the new features of WLW 2009 and vica versa. Only BlogEngine.NET and Wordpress has been given special attention by the WLW team which we are very proud about. Read more on Al’s blog.

TinyMCE upgrade

For those of us who don’t use Windows Live Writer, but prefer the online HTML editor, there is good news. We are upgrading the TinyMCE implementation to the newest version and it should work much smoother. It’s not only prettier, it’s also better. Hopefully, this will happen over Christmas as well.


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