It’s been 6 months since the last release of BlogEngine.NET, but now the wait is over. You can download BlogEngine.NET 1.4 here.

What’s new?

A lot of new features and tweaks have been implemented in version 1.4. On top of all the tasks in the roadmap, more than 140 work items reported by the community made it. That’s a lot.

Here are some of my favourite new features:

  • Universal database provider (MySQL, SQL Server, VistaDB, Oracle etc.)
  • Drag ‘n drop widget framework (prototype video)
  • Author profiles using ASP.NET profile provider
  • Subcategories
  • Password encryption
  • Better performance
  • Tag selector in control panel
  • Semantic formats (FOAF, SIOC and APML)

You can read more about the new BlogEngine.NET 1.4 features at the official release note. If you wish to upgrade, then Al Nyveldt have written an excellent upgrade guide you should check out.

Next step

The next couple of weeks will be spent recording screencasts of the new features and give examples on how to write widgets. There's a lot of ground to cover with all the new features and possibilities for developers to utilize.

I hope you will enjoy this new version. It has taken a lot of hard work by the BlogEngine.NET team and I know they are very happy about the release - I know I am.


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