We have been expanding our workforce at ZYB a lot for the past months and now we are looking for ASP.NET developers. It’s the first time in over a year we have been looking for ASP.NET developers, but we just can’t keep up anymore.

You will be part of a small (but highly efficient) team of ASP.NET code monkeys focusing on the main- and mobile website.

The perks at ZYB

There are many perks as an employee at ZYB. You get to choose your own hardware. PC or Mac – it’s up to you. For me, this is one of the best parts of the job. Currently I have a Dell Quad Core 64bit workstation with 8GB memory and a 10.000 RPM hard drive.

Every quarter we throw a huge party. We’ve been out sailing, wake boarding, go-carting and a lot more. After the activities we dine and wine before hitting the night clubs and bars. It’s always a lot of fun. We also go out to dinner often and ZYB also sponsors various social community events, such as geek dinners.

The catered food is excellent and after lunch you can try to keep up to my exceptional Guitar Hero skills on the Wii. If you are more into foosball then it’s possible as well on our excellent Bonzini table.

Also, because we are a highly agile company with a great SCRUM master, you’ll largely never spend your evenings working before any deadlines. It’s actually so efficient that we spend almost all our time creating new features instead of fixing bugs.

On top of that, we stop working early on Fridays so everybody can join in on the free sodas and beers and possibly hang out till very late. We actively make an effort of not having any overtime, so no one gets stress or wears down.

The ASP.NET developer

The front-end team is very specialized and only deals with front-end stuff. No databases or SyncML stuff. When I joined ZYB over a year ago, I thought it was a strange arrangement. After a week it really made sense. By separating front-end tasks from back-end tasks, you get to focus and specialize in a much more profound way. This benefits the efficiency very much and you can go home happy every day knowing you have been productive.

We push the ASP.NET platform to its limits and beyond while focusing a lot on performance, scalability, usability and overall kick-ass-ness. We also make heavy use of the semantic web, which opens the door to a whole new world. We also do OpenID, OAuth and a lot of other of tomorrow's cool technologies.

So, if you want to join a great team of likeminded code monkeys, you’re in for a treat at ZYB. The food is good, the activities fun, the work even better and a pay check that rocks (like me on Guitar Hero).

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail or call me directly at (+45) 23 96 62 37.


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