Next Tuesday the 26th, I’m giving a talk about advanced ASP.NET performance optimizations at the Copenhagen .NET User Group. It’s being held at Microsoft’s head quarters in Hellerup and everyone is welcome to swing by from 4pm to 6pm. It’s a great way to get to know the local Copenhagen .NET community and hopefully be part of some great discussions.

My talk will be about the more advanced performance techniques and not the standard viewstate optimization and database caching. I’m doing some demos where we can monitor the individual technique’s performance impact, which is going to be really cool.

At 7pm it’s time for the fourth Copenhagen geek dinner. It’s a great way to end the user group meeting. If you can’t make it to the meeting at 4pm, then you are still more than welcome to join the dinner. Sign up for the geek dinner or just show up.

Best of all, ZYB has once again agreed to pay for the beer so leave the car at home. See ya there.

You might think that ZYB rescued me from loosing data on my mobile phone or helped finding my friends or something like that. That could have been the case, but this time it wasn’t. No, what I’m talking about is much more important – not just for me but for a whole range of people.

ZYB is sponsoring beer for the geek dinner in Copenhagen tonight!

It’s true. For the third consecutive time in the history of the Copenhagen geek dinner, they are willing to pick up the tab. This might not sound that important, but I have seen with my own eyes just how much geeks are able to consume on a night like this. Further more, since the geek dinner is at a brewery in the centre of Copenhagen, it’s easy to see the importance of the majestic gesture by ZYB.